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Your research journey, your way


The first ever researchers were explorers. Snap Out are like modern-day, technology-savvy explorers. But with less scurvy.

We know just how important it is to truly understand your user for the sake of business success. We’ve mastered the methods for collecting and exploring data about your customers and markets. We equip you with all of the key insights you need to make the big (and small!) decisions in your company.

Snap Out is a user and market research consultancy and we’re ready to take on our next adventure.

Market research in Milton Keynes

Fresh perspectives for business success


Much like travelling the world, research allows you to understand yourself in a different way.

Snap Out’s unique mix of user and market research is cost-effective, lean and will get you the insights you need to take the fear out of decision making. Armed with data-driven and evidence-based strategy, you can take the next step in your business with confidence.

Here’s what your fresh perspective will give you…

See your marketing and communications in a new light

Through our in-depth research and actionable insights, you can see the way your business is communicating from your customer’s perspective.

As such, you can ensure that your messaging is truly relevant to those that it needs to be and reaching the right people in the right way.

Map out a defined business strategy that focuses on your customer needs

Keep your customers at the heart of your plans, so that everything you create is truly human-centric.

By understanding the outlook of your customers within every strategy you build, you can ensure that you will drive more sales, generate higher profits and create a more successful business.

Get clear on the direction you need to take for business growth

Save on wasted time and resources and take financial risk out of your launch, confident that your product is exactly what it needs to be.

Our huge amount of experience conducting user and market research during the product development phase will arm you with the insights you need for success.


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