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Explore New Possibilities


Research and design helps businesses see what’s possible. Sometimes there are completely unexpected solutions to the problems.

Thinking too small, within familiar groups and teams can reduce creativity and innovation. This leads to long and expensive product development processes that are not solving user or customer problems fully.

That’s where we come in. We help you see solutions to problems creatively, with evidence. Snap Out is a market and user research consultancy and we’re ready to take on our next adventure.

Market research in Milton Keynes

New possibilities backed by evidence


Much like travelling the world, research allows you to see things in a different way.

Snap Out’s team of academics with social science and computer science background, blend market and user research with design-thinking.

We can ignite your imagination to strengthen your innovation process.

Uncovering Problems In More Depth

To innovate to meet customer and user problems, you need to know their pain points.

UX, brand and product innovation all need to discover customer needs and behaviour.

Empathise with your customer and user and be part of their journey, see your business and product through their eyes through in-depth methods such as focus groups, observations and interviews.

Curious Solutions to Complicated Problems

We map the landscape by seeing what your competitors are doing to meet the problem.

We test solutions and collateral with your customers and users remotely or in real-life environments.

Surprising solutions may arise for your business to consider, discovered by our academic team.

Help with mapping Your Future Direction

Tech specs, market demand knowledge, brand engagement levels and product roadmaps are just some of the outputs that research can give you.

These can inform future pathways to develop products, strategies, concepts or designs that delight customers and users.


Where are you on your journey?


Our Three Peak Approach is based on design-thinking, a creative problem-solving method and adds value to product development, User Experience (UX) designs and brand that meets customer and user needs for higher engagement.

Our map shows you where market and user research can inform your research journey.


Choose your own adventure


Research for Breadth

Look at new horizons

Map out the bigger picture to help you understand your competition, market trends and what your customers are saying.

We can help you to not only identify risks, but opportunities within your business.

Research for Depth

Explore Deep insights

Learn about what your customers through interviews, focus groups and observations.

By harnessing this new information, you’ll have the tools to effectively meet their needs based on evidence, as opposed to your gut feeling.

Fund your adventure

We can be your guide

Adventures can be expensive.

That’s why we offer Innovate UK guided writing service on a no win, no fee basis. With years of experience creating applications, we can guide you through every step of the process.

Be brave an go it alone

Be your own adventurer

Learn how to start talking to your customers and truly understand your market.

From our workshops to our free downloadables, we’re here to help you go it alone with your market and user research.

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We like to think that we’re great travel partners on your research journey, but don’t just take our word for it…


“Snap Out delivered a set of well-run, professional focus groups with an impossibly short amount of prep time, they were invaluable throughout the project.”

– Laura Hodgson, Account Director, BEAR London

“I was impressed with how they took a complex project and distilled it into an easy-to-use card-sorting activity that generated relevant and interesting insights. They were flexible and adaptable throughout the project and worked well as part of our team.”

– Public Health, Islington Council

“Snap Out played an integral in the project, they were a real joy to work with, we’d highly recommend them.”

– Founder, Proxad

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