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Snap out of your current mentality and into your user’s mindset.

We make emerging technologies user-centric, to help you create experiences that generate more profit and more joy.

User Research

“People don’t always know what they want when you ask them directly. User research works out user needs.”
You’ve probably heard the story about Henry Ford who said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” The user need Ford found is people wanted to go faster. Henry Ford met this user need with a car. People don’t always know what they want when you ask them directly. User research identifies user needs by exploring the service or product area in more depth as well as understanding existing behaviour. We can work out the user needs and align this with your digital product or service to address this need.

Not doing user research comes at a price: wasted time, effort and cost, lower revenues and poor customer loyalty. Without user research, money and time can be wasted building products that people are not going to use. With user research, you can:
  • Develop digital products and services people want to use and are easy to use
  • Test and understand what your users want and help you build up empathy with them.
  • Design digital products and services that are relevant to your users
  • Have a competitive edge


It’s simple. We use evidence, design thinking and collaborative, agile practices to help you discover and develop user-centric digital products and services and technologies.
Research and analysis is key for building product and service ideas on. We use a range of research methods to collect data. Our team has academic backgrounds, so we can guarantee robust and reliable insights.
Powered by Design Thinking
Users and customers are key in the design and development of successful products and services. Users are involved in the process of digital product and service development, from the very beginning in understanding their problem through to iterations of the product concepts and testing prototypes.
Collaborative and Agile
Snap Out will work with you collaboratively, to achieve your goals. Having open communication so you know what is happening is key for project success. We work in an agile and lean way.

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