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User and Market Research Consultancy
Milton Keynes | London

User Research

“The only way to create an incredible product or service is to truly know your users.”

We can introduce you to them through specialist and in-depth research that has been tried and tested. Armed with insights into your customers’ wants, needs and existing behaviours, you’ll have a list of actionable steps that will ensure your user experience is ticking all of their boxes.

Not only will this create great customer retention rates and loyalty, but it will ensure that you don’t waste any of your precious time, energy or resources making something when there isn’t a product-market fit.


It’s simple. We specialise in making digital and emerging technologies user-centric, to help you create experiences that generate more profit and more joy through evidence, design thinking and lean, agile practices.

Product and service ideas must be built on research and analysis.

We use a range of research methods to collect data about your users and to conduct market testing. Our team of specialists will guarantee robust, reliable and actionable insights.

Powered by Design Thinking

Through utilising the principles of design thinking, we put the user at the heart of what we do.

They remain the underlying focus, from the very beginning when we understand the problem they are looking to have solved, through to testing product prototypes with them.

Collaborative and Agile

Snap Out will work with you collaboratively to achieve your goals. We believe that having open communication and making sure that you are kept “in the loop” is key for project success.

We also work in an agile and lean way, meaning no wasted time or resources.

Our Clients

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