Working Lean and Fast: Rapid Product Concept Testing with Users

Snap Out had plans for; a list of features that were to be developed and a product roadmap. It was at this pivotal point in’s product development planning phase that Snap Out won funding from the innovation agency, Innovate UK through the Design Foundation Round 2 competition. We worked with Growth Studio on the project, which changed the future direction of the product onto a new trajectory; one that we would not have considered without input from users.

Through working with FutureGov, Snap Out benefited from a ‘Discovery’ phase, by delving into the user’s problem. Snap Out, built on these initial insights with Growth Studio, a consultancy that uses a lean approach to elicit rapid insights from users. As a startup, we did not want to invest too heavily in product ideas that users did not like and did not meet their needs.

Rapid and Lean User Research to Test Product Ideas

At Snap Out, we had a product idea that we thought users would like. Growth Studio tested this product concept with users and explored further user needs. Surprising and valuable insights emerging on the product, which fed into the next iteration of product ideation. We did another round of this, learning from the insights from the users of our first idea. We did further product ideation and came up with three product ideas, based on all the user research we’d done so far. Growth Studio tested and validated these three product concepts with users, where one idea did not resonate, one idea was the most popular and two ideas were suggested to be merged. We feel confident now that our revised product roadmap reflects user needs and we have prioritised features based on what users would find the most useful.

Alongside testing product ideas, Growth Studio helped us explore the wider market. Together, we developed and distributed a questionnaire about using personal assistants for business and personal tasks, and ways to help people manage their calendars, email and travel. The results from the survey further validated the most popular product concept that was discussed in the second focus group as well as showing Snap Out the target market for the product. Together, the survey and user research validated the product concept and helped us identify signals in the market.


Aaron Mason, CEO and Founder of Snap Out said:
“We tested ideas with users and the results were surprising, and this input helped us refine the future direction of The user insight has been valuable and speaking to our users has been so important for us to ensure that our product development and direction of is meeting user needs.”


Rayan Jawad, co-founder of Growth Studio added:
“Validation is key to the success of any project. Getting to the heart of exactly what your potential customers wants or needs before investing heavily into untested product ideas and building your product around these needs is key to getting product market fit”.

Paul Finch, Growth Studio’s other co-founder said:
“We used lean and rapid approaches to user research with Snap Out. The surveys and focus groups both threw up new insights, priorities and challenges which really influenced the direction of, and is giving the team some great competitive advantages. It’s really exciting to see how the product is being built around quite clear consumer needs”

Snap Out is currently developing and adding new features based on user needs. If you’d like to be an early user, please sign up for Beta. To find out more visit the website.