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Why empathy is the key to digital marketing success (and how to harness it!)

If there’s one thing that we think businesses need to use more of, it’s empathy. We believe in the power of seeing your company through the eyes of your customers, meaning that you can pivot towards being truly human-centric in every area.

Whilst we think this concept is hugely important in all areas of business, we can’t understate just how valuable it is in the realm of digital marketing.

As Snap Out’s social media marketing manager, I know just how number-driven digital marketing can be. Whether its conducting a competition analysis or pulling together the metrics of a campaign, it’s easy to implement lots of logical strategy, without necessarily bringing emotion into the equation.

However, the benefits of using empathy to shape your digital marketing narratives are endless: Not only does it allow you to get a stronger idea of who you’re talking to, but how to target everything to them, thereby increasing the success of every campaign.

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