Welcoming our new commercial director: Dr Nick Ryman-Tubb to Snap Out


Snap Out would like to take the opportunity to welcome our new commercial director: Dr Nick Ryman-Tubb to the team!

Nick, has built up an incredible list of achievements, having spent decades at the very top of some of the most innovative, influential, and profitable companies in tech.
Nick was a founding partner of Neural Technologies Limited (NTL), where he worked to bring the world’s first neural computing Integrated Circuit to market, and worked on early advanced pattern recognition and learning technologies. Nick later served as CEO of NTL, positioning the firm as an expert in credit, risk and fraud.

Among other professional achievements, Nick has served as CTO at the ai Corporation Limited, where his products now protect 150 banks, over 3 million merchants, half a billion cards and over 20 billion payment card transactions a year from fraud. He also founded MindsI Analytics Limited.

Nick has also served as the principal technical advisor to the UK Government programme on neural computing awareness and was AI Group Chairman at GCHQ for 6-years. He became a Research Fellow at City University London in 2000, exploring neural-symbolic approaches for fraud detection. In 2016, Nick completed his PhD thesis at University of Surrey, where he is to be appointed Visiting Professor.

Welcome to the team, Nick!