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The Launch of Snap Out TV: Videos to help you understand the human side of digital and emerging technologies
Finally the day has arrived! We’re excited to announce that we have now officially launched our Youtube Channel, Snap Out TV, a place to help you to understand the human side of digital and emerging technoligies. It can be tricky for small businesses to know where to start in talking to customers or potential users. That’s where we can help you.
We’re going to be posting weekly videos to give you the knowledge, toolkit and tips that you need to truly understand your users, create incredible products or services and strengthen your strategies, business cases and pitches. We’ll do so through covering everything that you need to know about design-thinking, user research and market research to give you a competitive edge. Our first series, “The Foundation Series”, is all about going back to basics to teach you everything from what user and market research are to understanding agile. As the name suggests, it will give you the foundations that you need to go out there and get to know your customers! Find our introduction to the series here. For our first video in the series, we decided to discuss Design Thinking and Human Centred Design, two theories that can truly revolutionise the success of your product or service. Watch the video here!
On top of that, we’ve also launched a Mighty Networks Community. It is a space to ask questions about the topics we discuss on Snap Out TV’s YouTube channel and to meet like-minded people. We welcome everyone interested in understanding their customers better, from total beginners to people have already gone out and done their own user research. We can’t wait to see you guys over on our YouTube channel and in the Snap Out TV Community! The Snap Out Team ?