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Ready to go it alone on your research journey? We’re here to help you get set up for clarity!

Learn the skills you need to get a new perspective on your market and users for larger profits and confidence in your business’s success.

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Accelerator Programme Workshops

Upskill your cohort so that they can better understand customer and user needs and access grant funding. 

We offer two-hour free workshops, focused on product-market fit, grant writing and the key ways to listen to your customers, as well as 4-hour paid in-depth workshops on grant writing and customer discovery. 

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UXMK Meetups

We’d also love to connect with you in-person at one of our popular UXMK events.

Having flourished into an exciting community of UX-enthusiasts in and around Milton Keynes, we’ve had speakers and hosts including Barclays, The Open University, FiveAI and Volkswagen Financial Services!  At each event we discuss different aspects of user experience, giving you the chance to learn from the experts and network with likeminded people.

We’re growing even more in 2020 and are launching the UXMK Breakfast Club, to focus on expanding your skillset in relation to UX.

All of this is founded on our passion for great user research, which informs a better user experience.

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It’s a supportive space for anyone looking to learn about their customers. Our team of experts are active within the group and you can ask them any questions you have whilst on the journey. Send us a request to join to start getting involved!

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