Health and Social Care Service Design Discovery
Snap Out and FutureGov have partnered to offer Health and Social Care Service Design Discovery. FutureGov is a change agency that has been working with local public sector to transform the way they deliver services for over 10 years.

Together, we can offer services to deliver new and redesigned health and social care services. STPs and ICSs oversee the merging of health and social care services across the UK. Together, Snap Out and FutureGov will work work with STP and ICS leads, programme managers and project leads to involve patients and the public in understanding local community and user needs of services that may be being redesigned or created.

We would:

  • Explore the user’s problem (i.e. challenges in accessing Diabetes services)
  • Map their user journey by visually showing how a service is being used and the areas they like and don’t like
  • Explore solutions to the problem through service design techniques such as mapping out solutions that are tested and iterated with the service users
  • Create an array of solutions with costs
  • Discuss the solutions with the decision makers of the services

FutureGov has used design thinking in service design in the public sector numerous times with impactful results. Snap Out and FutureGov have worked together on projects before to deliver user-led digital products and services.

Our service can help you transform health and social care services to meet the needs of the local population and understand what people want from your services to improve health outcomes, the quality of services and patient experiences. Typical benefits of using service design are:

  • Doing more with less funding
  • Less waste and inefficiency
  • Avoiding designing the ‘wrong’ service
  • Design services people want and need that are user-focused
  • Meaningful and real engagement to co-production

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