5-Day Rapid Digital Product and Service Testing Lab
Want to test product ideas quickly and cheaply?

This programme lets businesses quickly and cheaply explore and test new digital product ideas, review current products and learn user and market needs to create evidence for strategy, marketing and investor pitches.

Programme Outputs:

  1. Overview of market and competition
  2. Outline of user needs
  3. A tested digital product idea
  4. Understanding of market segments

Day 1: Scope and Prepare: Meet the team and scope the aims of the product or service you have or want to create to be tested. We will give you an overview of what user research is and how design thinking can be used in digital product development. Together, we will generate hypotheses to test and develop a quick survey to be disseminated on Day 1 to learn market needs, possibly through a fieldwork consultancy and networks of the team. We’ll scope the market size do a competition analysis using desk research.

Day 2: Market and Competition Analysis and Discovery: The Snap Out team will conduct market and competition analysis and will do light discovery with one key user group (5 people).

Day 3: Synthesis and Mock-Ups: The team will work with you to synthesise the discovery data and develop product or service design to create sketches for mock-ups.

Day 4: User Testing: Using remote user testing tools, the key user group (5 people) will critique the product idea, features and sketched mock-ups.

Day 5: Review and Top-Line Report: Assess survey results to build market segments, review product idea, market and competition analysis and user needs. Opportunities and next steps.

Follow-on: Validation testing: Following on from the testing lab is further validation testing with users to validate developed hypotheses and product ideas with more users.

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