Public Sector
Research in Transport: Older People’s User Needs for Digital Technology in Transport

As the UK’s population is ageing, the need to understand their digital and transport becomes greater.

A governmental department wanted to explore older people’s needs for the use of technology when using transport as there will be a rise in the use of technological aids in accessing transport. Dr Chloe Sharp conducted a deep literature review to explore digital needs for older people and was used alongside primary research conducted by a UK university to inform an event ran by the government and attended by a prestigious range of startups and experts in the field.

It was found that generally, older people are increasingly using the internet and smart devices and it can’t be assumed that older people cannot use technology for transport purposes.

sources used for desk research
high profile event

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  • Literature review identified user psychology and behaviour
  • Desk research informed the primary research for deeper discovery
  • >100 sources for desk research
  • 1 high-profile event
  • User testing findings led to changes in product features and user interface