Public Sector
Research in Social Care: User Needs of Older People’s Winter Wellness Programme

A discovery phase was carried out to understand user needs and determine if the service was meeting those needs.

Winter can be a difficult time for older people. In London, a London Borough Council is proactive at providing access to social care, health services and local charities to help people through the winter period to improve health and reduce feelings of isolation.

To understand user needs and if this service was meeting those needs, a Discovery phase was carried out. Through interviews with older people, the ‘Winter Wellness’ programme was evaluated to explore user needs and whether the service did meet user needs and areas for improvement.

week project
hard-to-reach community

Overall, the service was meeting user needs and it was suggested that the service continued, with recommendations, as it had a significantly positive impact on the residents in the London Borough.

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  • Accessed a hard-to-reach community
  • User research led to improvements in service delivery
  • 10 interviews
  • 4-week project

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