How can we help people to get off their phones and into the real world?

Smartphone addiction is an issue that affects all areas of our daily lives. To help people manage their own or their children’s smartphone problem, Medietas Ltd wanted to develop a tangible product, software product and an ecosystem to support people in spending more time enjoying life and the people around them.

Snap Out provided a literature analysis focusing on competition, the market and customer segmentation.

The research uncovered some interesting insights. We found that smartphone use is increasing globally: People are increasingly using their phone whilst walking, eating, in free time and at bedtime, with a number of people regularly checking their phone and using the device for many hours a day for social media. Also, that it is common for people to feel panicked if their phone is lost, indicating a dependency on their device.

The research informed the investor’s pitch deck for raising capital to invest in the product. We will continue to work with Medietas to design and build the digital product and ecosystem, based on the discovery work.

Competitors analysed
key market segments identified
route-to-market strategy
“Snap Out’s work has been invaluable in helping us assess and understand our market opportunity better and provided a level of professional support that we could never have imagined receiving in advance. I very much look forward to their continued support and expertise as we develop new products and widen our market.” Calvin Niles, Founder

Key deliverables included:

  • Strong understanding of user psychology and behaviour of smartphone addiction
  • Investor pitch-deck material
  • Clear route-to-market strategy
  • 40 competitors analysed
  • 5 key market segments identified

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