Public Sector
Research in Health: Telehealth and Telecare Service Design for an NHS Trust

A new telehealth and telecare service ran by an NHS Trust where users were referred to the service by their GP.

We explored user needs around decision making process to adopt telehealth and telecare services, barriers to using telehealth and telecare services and products and improvements that could be made to the service.

As a Research Fellow at the University of Bedfordshire, Dr Chloe Sharp and the team published the findings in BMC Health Services Research. We found that referrers had a large role to play in the decision-making process and reassurance was needed throughout the process as older patients had negative feelings toward the technology.

We suggested a need for continued development and innovation of the usability and functionality of the equipment and to motivate other sections of the public that could benefit from these products.

users and non-users


  • Users and non-users involved in user research
  • Telehealth and telecare service delivery improved through a better understanding of user needs
  • 30 interviews
  • 2 publications

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