Public Sector
Research and Design: NHS Staff User Needs for a New Digital Platform for the NHS Leadership Academy

Snap Out worked with the NHS Leadership Academy to explore user needs for the potential platform.

For NHS staff, looking for information on personal development and training can be sporadic and time consuming. The NHS Leadership Academy wanted to explore the potential for developing a digital platform aimed to bring all the information about leadership development and related courses to one place, which could speed up decision making and searching.

Snap Out worked with the Academy to explore user needs for the potential platform. Adhering to Government Digital Service standards, we worked with a multidisciplinary team across directors, digital team and community group advocates, to design and deliver user research.

Using virtual interviews and remote user testing, combined with user testing at an event hosted by the team, we were able to explore any user problems and test the digital prototype. We spoke to companies that provided leadership development services to the NHS as well as staff hat had undertaken courses and training.

“What impressed me about Snap Out was their ability to come in to a project which had been established for a while and make a difference by introducing the user perspective incredibly quickly and efficiently. They made the best use of the time available to them and produced some real insight for the whole project team. I would definitely use them again if the opportunity arose.”, Ian MacIntyre, Head of Digital, NHS Leadership Academy.

We found a positive view toward the digital platform as everything is in one place. However, across the NHS there are resource and budget challenges and these can impact on leadership development choices. The users currently used personal recommendations and networks for leadership development information and the digital platform could reinforce what was being suggested.

“This was a very interesting project, delivered by Snap Out for the NHS within a short time frame. We supported the team in advising on GDS standards and the role of user research in product development. The findings were used to consider the potential for future development.”, Aaron Mason, Director at Snap Out.

Deliverables included:

  • Insights from user research used for the business case
  • User testing findings led to changes in product features and user interface
  • Upskilled staff in design thinking and user research
  • 15 interviews
  • 21 testers

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