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Research to Build: Computer Vision and Crowdsourcing Retinal Image Product, RetinaSense

Having little access to a qualified ophthalmologist is a problem in developing countries and is contributing towards eye-related diseases such as glaucoma and other diseases such as diabetes, that can impact on eye health. 90% of world’s blind population live in the developing world.

RetinaSense manages, analyses and reports on retinal images. This was developed through an Innovate UK – Newton project with the University of Surrey and Queen’s University Belfast and an Indian business partner, Remidio. Snap Out designed and built a system, with an Indian partner, where a camera that is attached to a smartphone, captures a retinal image. These images are analysed using computer vision as well as human ophthalmologists, to provide a quick and accurate diagnosis.

285 mil
people are visually impaired worldwide
45 mil
people are estimated to be blind worldwide
of cases are preventable

Snap Out carried out market research to explore the Indian market for this technology and competition analysis to identify customer needs. We used this information to inform the product design and User Interface of the product. Snap Out’s development team has built the system that houses the images, analysis and feedback loop.

Key outcomes:

  • Improved market understanding of an emerging technology in a developing country
  • Built a system to process and analyse images using AI
  • Furthered the development of a new technology and system

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