Emma.ai: How can we make journey planning intelligent?

Emma.ai is a personal travel assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence. It is integrated into a digital calendar and, when a meeting is arranged, it automatically adds travel time and travel options.

The product was funded through two Innovate UK competitions: Enhancing User Experience with Personal Data and Design Foundations. Snap Out conducted user research on Emma.ai to understand the user problem, the need for the product and how to meet previously unmet needs. We undertook market analysis, market segmentation and competition analysis to understand the wider landscape. In the Design stage, Snap Out developed features that would meet user needs. We built the AI assistant with our development team.

Survey respondents
competitors analysed
donated to charity through interviews

The product is currently in Alpha and has over 1000 users. We have ongoing user research with Emma.ai to understand how the product is meeting user needs. Emma.ai has a product roadmap and a pitch deck for investors to win future funding.

Alpha users

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Deliverables included:

  • Investor pitch-deck material
  • Evidenced and prioritised product roadmap that saved time and money
  • Refined market offering and improved go-to-market strategy
  • 15 interviews
  • 15 testers
  • >100 survey respondents
  • 250 competitors analysed
  • £200 donated to charity through interviews

You can sign up for Emma.ai here.