What do the public think of linking NHS and council datasets?


Co-design session with the CLARHC group at the outset of the project

Designed and led innovative co-design card-sorting focus groups to discuss disadvantages and advantages of linking datasets

Mini focus groups and interviews with Islington residents: older people, young people and BAME community

This research project was innovative in that a small number of councils have sought to link data across NHS records and engage the public on this topic. We spoke to a wide range of people across Islington to explore linked datasets and the positive and negative aspects of this through a card-sorting activity.  

“Snap Out conducted research with Islington residents for us to explore how linking datasets would be perceived. I was impressed with how they took a complex project and distilled it into an easy-to-use card-sorting activity that generated relevant and interesting insights. They were flexible and adaptable throughout the project and worked well as part of our team.”

Public Health, Islington Council