How can adult social care benefit from predictive analytics?


Brief evidence review on data sharing and ethics

One focus group with ASC service users: older people with accessibility needs

Supported two workshops with social workers held by London School of Economics

Synthesis and reporting of the primary and secondary research

This project explore linking datasets, the ethics of using shared datasets and the use of advanced algorithms or data/text-mining tools on these datasets. These were complex and abstract concepts to discuss and explore but the findings were interesting with the service users. The literature review uncovered a wide variety of ethical considerations such as what public benefit mean and the extent of control and consent individuals have.  

Predictive analytics in adult social care“Data and ethics is a very important topic to us and as technology progresses, councils want to keep up but there is more responsibility and accountability and having a considered approach, that accounts for ethics and information governance toward predictive analytics for the older population, and one that is growing, was the key focus of the project. Snap Out spoke to our Adult Social Care service users to explore their views toward unstructured data and supported workshops ran by LSE. They brought together the primary data and analysed this alongside the brief evidence review, which is secondary research, to bring us actionable and relevant recommendations.”

Public Health, Islington Council