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Design and Build: The Onward Journey Planning Assistant Chatbot

Disruption on a rail journey is a problem for customers, especially when all the alternative travel options are not clear. Snap Out worked as part of a team, through an Innovate UK Acceleration in Rail project, led by Proxad with the University of Surrey and ManagePlaces.

Funding raised from Innovate UK
average monthly household spend on travel
UK journeys include rail

Within a consortium, led by Proxad, Snap Out worked with the University of Surrey and ManagePlaces on a project funded by Innovate UK. An Onward Journey Planning Assistant was developed, using innovative ways of feeding historical and live data through a chatbot, to provide options to people experiencing disruption, in a user-friendly way.

Snap Out designed and developed the chatbot using a unique recommendation engine approach to enable users to easily find their onward journey options. We tested the digital prototype with users and designed the user interface based on user feedback.

  • Design and developed a chatbot with a unique recommendation engine approach
  • Insights from user research and testing that informed prototype development
  • User interface developed from user testing findings
  • £225,849 grant funding raised
  • 20 user testers

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