How can we give a household appliance eyes?

Smart homes are becoming a reality, with household appliances communicating with us through our smartphones.

A well-known manufacturer of electronic consumer products contracted Snap Out to develop an internet-connected camera attachment for a household appliance. To design a prototype, extensive research was carried out to identify the most suitable physical and communications technologies to build the prototype. The rapid proof of concept prototype was completed through the development of a mobile app, Raspberry Pi setup and detailed coding.

The prototype was a camera attachment and a fully-functional software solution to allow it to stream video to other devices via the internet. The camera was designed to connect to the internet either through WiFi on a home network or by a direct ad-hoc connection and was able to stream video in real time on iOS devices.

For low cost, the product was designed to work at low levels of computational power and it was extremely user-friendly. Testing of the prototype was carried out by the client and external user groups, the app was tested through Apple iTunes Beta Testing Service.

weeks from idea to prototype
1.2 billion
IoT devices predicted for 2018
2.5 billion
smartphone users predicted for 2018

The prototype was successfully produced during a rapid 4-week project. It was very well received and enabled the manufacturer to demonstrate the potential of this technology to their stakeholders and influence their future product plans.

  • 4-week turn around from brief to prototype
  • Successful live demo to stakeholders
  • Prototype catalysed further product innovation opportunities

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