How can we create a great first-and-last-mile mobility experience?


Designed and delivered user research and testing on an existing digital product

Insights from user research and testing that informed prototype development

Used metrics to measure users, conversions and interactions


user testers


User research interviewees


Survey respondents

The user research uncovered some really interesting travel behaviour to show the way that people currently use shared taxis, particularly from rail stations. We uncovered three variables that had to be in place for passengers to use the Moses product. Once these had been implemented by the development team, we tested the product in a real-life setting and walkthroughs to assess its usability and functionality. The users provided detailed feedback on what they did and did not like and areas for improvement, which really helped give the development team direction for key changes ahead of deployment.  

“Moses hadn’t used user research before this project to develop one our in-house projects. I was really surprised and intrigued by the insights that Snap Out had found for us. They really challenged our assumptions and gave us something concrete to work with when iterating the Alpha product, based on evidence. We felt reassured that the iterations of the product are in line with user needs and our future product roadmap is based on evidence rather than assumptions. In the future, we’ll certainly do user research again as we gained so much from it.”

Founder, Moses