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7 Best Digital Tools for UX Research
There are so many tools for UX research and some great blog posts that summarise these, such as this article, this overview, and table. In addition to the tools featured across these articles are:
  • Use Hans: Use Hans allows researchers to directly interact with a huge pool of end-users to ask questions for A/B Testing. The researcher creates a room regarding a topic, asks a question that may include image or two, to be used on a campaign. The user can get feedback on images and videos, to help them decide on the most suitable one. Participants earn hearts and there can be multiple people in the room.
  • SmartLook: This tool records what visitors do on a website, with features that include playing video recordings of visitors to show what they do on the website, records the visitor’s journey and displays heat-maps. There are multiple pricing options, from free to €60 per month.
  • Aurelius: A user research and insights platform for design and product teams. It uses tags and can create insights quickly. Customer quotes, usability testing, user interviews and field study is digitally organised. This is $168 per annum.
  • Countly: For product analytics for mobile apps, this analytics platform can track customer journeys in web, desktop and mobile applications. This is priced at $350 per month for businesses and free for communities.
  • Apptimize: Mobile A/B testing and release management tool for product teams. A/B and multivariate testing runs on iOS and Android apps to learn which concepts improve customer engagement. Apptimize is priced at $995 per month for businesses and on request for over 100,000 monthly annual users.
  • Localytics: Localytics enables researchers and product teams to identify who the users are and how they are using the app, it can be used to deliver messages to customers as well as A/B testing. A free demo is available with more information on prices on request.
What digital tools do you regularly use for UX research? The Snap Out Team