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“Be in someone else’s shoes”: International Women’s Day Event with Digital Northampton

Exciting news: To celebrate International Women’s Day 2020, Snap Out will be taking part in the #TechWomeNN Trailblazers quiz trail, created by Digital Northampton. Throughout the trail, you will find out about various different female pioneers from the present and the past, as well as getting the opportunity to meet some of inspiring women in the tech and digital industry.

That’s where we come in! Our Managing Director, Dr Chloe Sharp, and our Market and User Researcher,  Dr Amie Weedon, will be stationed on the trail to help you “be in someone else’s shoes”.

“Be in someone else’s shoes”

Where and When? 

Northampton Central Library,

Saturday 7th March,

11.30am – 2pm

Background information 

Diversity in all ways – ethnicity, gender, ability, age and sexuality – are key to include when creating innovative digital and emerging technology products that are accessible.

How do you know what something is like to do or experience as someone else?

By spending some time in their shoes or hearing their stories!

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The team at Snap Out has put together  simulation tasks for you to try with props to help you see a glimpse into what life is like for other people.

  • Try accessing a website with visual impairments.
  • Try having physical impairments to do everyday tasks.
  • Many more.

Once you’ve done these activities, you can share what you’ve learned with us.

About Snap Out

Snap Out is a Market and User Research Consultancy, specialising in the technology sector. We help people empathise with others through storytelling, informed by our research and product testing.

Chloe is the Managing Director of Snap Out. She is experienced in designing and delivering research projects and managing these from cradle-to-grave. She has a PhD in sociology and health psychology and has worked in academia, the third sector and industry across social, health and transport sectors.

Amie is a Market and User Researcher at Snap Out. She has a Ph.D in Social Science and a wealth of research experience across a range of projects and sectors. She is particularly passionate about understanding people, their attitudes and their behaviours.