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4 TED talks that explain why we love design thinking so much

Here at Snap Out, design thinking underpins everything that we do. As a company that is always seeking to be forward thinking and to find innovative solutions to problems, it just doesn’t make sense to us to always take a linear approach to design. Instead, we choose to put the user at the centre of our processes, thereby helping organisations to design products and services that their users actually want!

If you’re new to the tenants of design thinking, don’t worry. We cover all of the basics and how it can be helpful for Startups in this blog post.

We’re not the only ones who believe in the power of design thinking, either. There are a whole host of professionals and big names in the tech industry who are in the fan club too. To prove it, we thought we’d share some of our favourite TED Talks on the subject so that you don’t just have to take our word for it! Each of these inspiring talks exemplify exactly why we love design thinking and how impactful shifting our thought processes can be.

Design Thinking for Every Endevour — Robyn Richardson

Using examples from her work in English classrooms and on stage, Robyn Richardson proves the importance of changing the way that people think in order to have an impact. She explains how design thinking encourages us to re-frame our thought process, thereby helping us to discover innovative solutions to our problems.

Design Thinking: Solving Life’s Problems — Suresh Jayakar

Suresh Jayakar says that whilst we grow up being taught to think convergently (to be able to give the “correct” answers to standard questions), design thinking encourages us to think divergently (to think outside of the box to find an answer, even if that solution doesn’t exist yet). It teaches us to look at the big picture.

In his talk Suresh explains the underpinning principles of design thinking and how they make it such a powerful tool.

The Best Kept Secret: Design Thinking — Deana McDonag

In her 2013 talk, Deana McDonagh frames design thinking as one of the best kept secrets to success. Whilst the principles of design thinking are certainly far more widely used in 2018, her point is still hugely relevant today: We are born understanding the power of creativity in discovering solutions to problems, but this is conditioned out of us as we grow up. She claims that for designers to be innovative, they must rediscover this aspect of their childlike self.

This talk is full of examples of the ways that design based thinking re frames seemingly everyday, “normal” occurrences.

Design Thinking: Doreen Lorenzo

Lecturing at the University of Texas, Doreen Lorenzo says that she teaches her students how to be empathetic, how to make mistakes and how to lead in a creative economy, above all else. It is this, she believes, that truly prepares people for entering the world of business.

Doreen explains how teaching the principles of design thinking, as opposed to convergent thinking, creates true problem solvers.

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