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4 Green Changes for Tech Companies

Back in July, Snap Out’s Managing Director, Dr Chloe Sharp, shed light on a fact that most of us don’t even think about: That our data usage is probably harming the planet. 

In her article for Impakter, she covered the fact that, thanks to the huge amount of electricity, water and land required for data centres to function, even something as simple as people posting on Instagram is detrimental to the environment. Pretty mind-blowing, right? 

At Snap Out, we think that all products or services should be developed with sustainability in mind. In fact, it’s one of our core values: We believe that tech should be good for people and good for the planet in equal measures. 

Whilst finding out this sort of shocking information about the impact of the tech industry can be overwhelming, it’s a business that also had the power to do so much good in terms of sustainability. That’s why we wanted to create a blog post with our top tips for making your tech company more green. 


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