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10 quotes that prove your business needs user research

As any of our Twitter followers will know, we’re big fans of motivational quotes. We love any words that set us up with some inspiration for business and for life!

And, of course, we’re also huge advocates for the power of user research. We truly believe that it should be included in every project and in the design process of any product or service.

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That’s why we thought it was only right to sit down and bring our two loves together with this blog post.

We’ve collated our 10 favourite quotes related to user research, that are sure to convince you that you need it as a part of your business. Whether you’re a startup, an SME or a huge corporation, there’s no doubt that these will make you want to get out and speak to your customers!

user research and user experience quotes

1. “People ignore design that ignores people.”

Frank Chimero, Designer

User research is one of the major keys to creating a product or service that people want. And that, as any researcher will tell you, is the only way to ensure that you are going to generate profit.

By ignoring the people that matter, you risk being ignored yourself!

2. “No research is ever quite complete. It is the glory of a good bit of work that it opens the way for something still better, and this repeatedly leads to its own eclipse.”

Mervin Gordon

At Snap Out, we’re firm believers that user research should be an ongoing journey.

User needs change and develop with time, based on everything from technology to political climate! By not just implementing research at the start of a project, but throughout, you are able to keep up with these changes. And, of course, iterate your product/service accordingly

3. “Falling in love with a problem happens through observing it happen in a relevant context, where the problem is occurring to people in your target audience.”

— Tomer Sharon, Validating Product Ideas

Here, Tomer Sharon (one of our heroes here at Snap Out!) is highlighting the importance of understanding your user’s problem and how they already solve it. That what, you can learn how to better serve your target audience.

And happy users mean a more successful business!

4. “To be a better human is to understand not only those around you, but also yourself. How do you engage and relate to others? How can you get more out of your friendships and relationships by recognizing your own behaviour?”

Matti Hicks, UX Researcher

As Matti Hicks points out, being a user researcher, or at least conducting user research in some capacity, contributes to you being a “better human”: It allows you to build empathy and to step outside of your own, self-focused bubble.

We know that we’re biased, but agree that user research makes you a much better friend!

5. “If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”

— Ralf Speth, Chief Executive Officer, Jaguar Land Rover

Whilst user research will require an initial investement, it certainly saves you money in the long run!

By understanding your customers from the outset, you can prevent having to re-strategise and redesign your product multiple times after launch. As such, you prevent wasted time, resources and energy.

6. “User research is actually the way by which designer is able to step into the shoes of the user and go along his or her path feeling all the stones on the way.”

Tubik Studio, Digital Studio

Empathy is one of the most important tools within user research. By getting into the shoes of your user, you can begin to see your product or service from their perspective.

Not only will this make you want to improve the user experience, but it will show you how to, as well.

7. “Users are not always logical, at least not on the surface. To be a great designer you need to look a little deeper into how people think and act.”

Susan Dray , Expert in usability

User research doesn’t just mean asking your users questions about your business. Though, of course, that is a huge part of it!

In order to truly understand someone, as Susan Dray points out, you need to understand their behaviour, not just their opinions. That’s where watching your user interact with a product or service in real-time, as well as assessing how they currently solve their problem, can come in.

8. “Want your users to fall in love with your designs? Fall in love with your users.”

Dana Chisnell, thought leader in civic design

Your user research shouldn’t just be a case of ticking a box!

As a business, you should want to understand your users so that you can create a mutually beneficial relationship with them.

9. “If the solution does not fit into the lives of the people it is meant to serve, if it does not consider the behaviours associated with the problem it’s trying to solve, the design will be rendered obsolete.”

Arturo Ríos, UX Designer

Here’s another quote showing the correlation between killer user research and great profits! A product or service will only remain relevant — and therefore profitable! — if it considers its users and their lives.

10. “If the user can’t use it, it doesn’t work.”

– Susan Dray, Expert in usability

We thought we would end on this simple but effective one.

Never has a truer word been said!

The Snap Out Team 🚀